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snake eyes

A younger boy is orphaned while his father is murdered. Twenty years later, the boy has grown into a skilled and lethal martial arts fighter, pushed with the aid of using a preference to avenge his father. To cover his proper identity, he calls himself "Snake Eyes", a call stimulated while his father's assassin pressured him to roll a couple of weighted cube to decide his fate, killing him while he rolled double ones.

Wealthy Yakuza boss Kenta Takamura discovers Snake Eyes in an underground combating circuit positioned in Los Angeles. Kenta gives to discover his father's killer if Snake Eyes will paintings for him, to which Snake Eyes accepts. When Snake Eyes is requested to show his loyalty with the aid of using taking pictures a person who betrayed Kenta's accept as true with, Snake Eyes refuses and alternatively enables the traitor break out. The traitor is Kenta's cousin, Tommy. Tommy and Kenta had been each in line to guide the Arashikage extended family, an historical ninja society dedicated to retaining order and combating evil. Kenta sought to kill his cousin, however failed and become banished.

Grateful to Snake Eyes, Tommy takes him to his ninja dojo in Tokyo, Japan and asks that he be initiated as a member. The modern-day extended family leader, Sen, Tommy's grandmother, is of the same opinion to permit Snake Eyes go through 3 trials to decide if he's worth. The extended family's head of security, Akiko, does now no longer accept as true with Snake Eyes at first, however he wins her accept as true with with the aid of using revealing his father's homicide and explains this is why there's no recorded records of him. Unbeknownst to anyone, Snake Eyes plans to betray his new allies. Tommy's tried homicide and break out is proven to were staged with the aid of using Kenta a good way to get Snake Eyes near sufficient to thieve the extended family's maximum sacred treasure, the "Jewel of the Sun", which has magical powers.

Snake Eyes reveals himself an increasing number of torn among his guilt over betraying Tommy, the extended family, and his overwhelming preference for revenge. He passes the primary trials together along with his awesome talents. Snake Eyes and Tommy research that Kenta is returned in Tokyo and aligning with the terrorist innovative business enterprise Cobra. Kenta explains to Snake Eyes that he's tasked to thieve the jewel on behalf of Cobra. Cobra, thru their liaison, the Baroness, has been arming Kenta with guns in order that he can capture manipulate of the Arashikage extended family. Kenta and Baroness tell Snake Eyes that they've his father's assassin imprisoned, and could launch him if Snake does now no longer stable the jewel for them.

The 1/3 and very last trial calls for his spirit to be examined with the aid of using sacred anacondas, who can experience if he's virtually natural of coronary heart. Due to Snake Eyes' secrets, the snakes assault him, however Akiko saves him from being killed. Confronted with the aid of using the extended family, Snake Eyes admits that he has now no longer been totally honest, however manages to cover the proper motive he's there, and is expelled.

Snake Eyes later returns in mystery and steals the jewel the use of his expertise of the extended family's temple, handing over it to Kenta. Snake Eyes gets his praise for stealing the jewel: his father’s killer, who seems to be a Cobra agent. Having found out what his bloodlust has price him, Snake Eyes spares the person and alternatively is going returned to the Arashikage extended family to warn them of Kenta's assault.

Tommy places apart his anger and shall we Snake Eyes help him and the extended family's warriors, which include Scarlett, a member of the global peacekeeping business enterprise G.I. Joe, in combating off Kenta's guys. After Kenta admits that he has no goal of turning in the jewel, the Baroness paperwork a brief alliance with the Arashikage extended family and Scarlett. With his guys defeated, Kenta loses the jewel to Tommy, who crushed with fury attempts to apply its electricity to kill Kenta. Kenta manages to break out, however Snake Eyes traps him withinside the anaconda pit, in which the snakes eat Kenta upon sensing his evil spirit. The snakes then choose Snake Eyes to now be natural of coronary heart for forgoing his lust for revenge, for this reason now being worth of becoming a member of the extended family.

After the battle, Sen strips Tommy of his birthright to guide the extended family for breaking his vow in no way to apply the jewel. Blaming Snake Eyes for this, Tommy forsakes the extended family and family, vowing to kill Snake Eyes have to they ever meet again. Snake Eyes meets with Scarlett who, after explaining that his father become a G.I. Joe agent, gives him a danger to end up a Joe.

Directed by Robert Schwentke

Screenplay by Evan Spiliotopoulos Joe Shrapnel Anna Waterhouse

Story by Evan Spiliotopoulos

Based on Snake Eyes by Larry Hama G.I. Joe by Hasbro

Produced by Brian Goldner Erik Howsam Lorenzo di Bonaventura

Starring Henry Golding Andrew Koji Úrsula Corberó Samara Weaving Haruka Abe Takehiro Hira Iko Uwais

Cinematography Bojan Bazelli

Edited by Stuart Levy

Music by Martin Todsharow

Production companies Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Skydance Media Entertainment One Di Bonaventura Pictures

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